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Actor Headshots/Model Portfolio Shoot Info

I believe in the Actor/Model unleashed…No stiff posing allowed. I won’t have it. You need to have fun so you get the great shots you deserve. With that being said I believe in capturing you. There’s no other way to put it. Your pictures will look real, not posed. It will be as though the camera was never there.

You have a part in making this happen too. Once we have set the date you need to go through your closet or floor and pick the appropriate number of changes. Pick outfits you feel good wearing. Express yourself. You’re special so just be who you are.

Quick tip: no prints, patterns and no whites. Try to stay away from black. It blends-meaning it doesn’t show your shape.

I use over a dozen different locations depending on your outfits, coloring, or maybe even your attitude. We can discuss which locations would work well for you the day of your shoot.

Are you a character, do you have a character you’d like to capture? Now is the time. Add a character shot or two. Have some fun!

We want to show you off! So when you walk through the door for a meeting/audition they are not shocked, but more wowed they got you!

Down to the nitty-gritty, the week before your shoot start to drink 8 glasses of water a day. If you do that already awesome! If not DO IT! I’m not joking. Your skin will be at its best and you’ll feel shiny and new. OK, while I’m at it no fried foods, no chocolate and, get a good nights sleep the night before your big day. You’ll thank me for it later. ?

On the day of your shoot, you’ll bring your wardrobe changes with a couple of extra just for fun. If you want to change your hair and makeup with your looks please let me know so we can organize our shoot time better.

If you would like a makeup artist and don’t know one, let me know when we schedule your appointment and I will get you in contact with mine.

Last but not least, do not worry your head about the weather. We will need to reschedule if it rains. Cloudy / overcast days are great for shooting so don’t think twice about canceling your session. If you do need to cancel or reschedule please be courteous & call 24 hours ahead of time.

See you soon!