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About Me

The Rolling Stone interview you never read; an excerpt from: “Jillian Walzer - Behind The Lens.”


Your entrance onto the Photography scene has been a bit of whirlwind. When did you discover that you wanted to be a Photographer?


When my husband gave me my first professional camera as a gift. I always enjoyed taking photographs but I never dreamed of doing this professionally . After my first shoot, that was it…I was hooked. I haven’t stopped taking pictures since!


Having your picture taken is so stressful, yet all of the people you photograph seem so relaxed. How do you do it?


When I’m not taking photographs, I have been known to act and model as well, so I believe I have an advantage from working in front of the camera myself. I know what looks good and I know what feels right. I really enjoy being artistic and creating the perfect environment for the shoot. My clients are able to relax so they’re able to get the shots they need as well as a picture that captures their essence.


When I’m shooting, my focus is getting that perfect picture for whatever the job or setting is, and most importantly to have FUN!


We see that you’ve been expanding commercially, tell us about some your successes?


I landed the cover of K. Roque Jean Co.’s spring ’09 Look Book Catalogue. I’ve shot publicity and catalog shots for a new shoe company named Bare Sole. Most recently, I shot a photo spread for Black Men’s Magazine! It’s been a truly an incredible year!


Why all the “buzz” about your photos and why is everyone booking a shoot with Jillian Walzer?


I love what I do and it shows in the pictures. Whether it’s shooting a headshot, a family portrait, or a commercial job, it thrills me to be able to deliver a picture that makes the client look good and reveals who they are.


I’m so thankful to have discovered photography. I’ve found an artistic release and a passion that some struggle their whole lives to find. My hope is that I’ll be able to share my passion and my art to many more people in the years to come. I’ve truly been blessed.


Do you have anything else you want say?


I look forward to meeting you all soon. See you on set!